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ActiveReports 6

ActiveReports 6
ActiveReports 6

Generate a wide variety of reports from your .NET applications. ActiveReports 6 is a .NET reporting component for Windows Forms and Web form applications. ActiveReports 6 key features include customization, fast performance, high quality, and multilanguage features -- all tested in tens of thousands of applications worldwide. ActiveReports 6 supports data exports to all popular file formats, including PDF, Excel, RTF, TIFF, and more. ActiveReports 6 features an easy-to-use Visual Studio .NET report designer and API. ActiveReports 6 includes multilanguage support that works right out of the box. ActiveReports 6 also offers seamless run-time deployment, royalty free. You can buy ActiveReports 6 in two editions, ActiveReports Professional and ActiveReports Standard. Buy ActiveReports 6 Professional to obtain End User Report Designer controls, Server-side WebViewer Control and ASP.NET HTTP Handlers.

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