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Java Reporting

Java Reporting
Java Reporting

The widespread use of distributed applications built on J2EE standards has given rise to the demand for Java reporting tools. While Java reporting tools inherently take advantage of the open-connectivity and functionality of J2EE, not all solutions are created equal. Ease of use and ease of embedding are key differentiators among Java report tools.

JReport is a 100% Java reporting tool that easily integrates with any application without costly development or training. JReport's J2EE architecture means that Java report development and deployment in diverse environments no longer require costly integration of various resources from different vendors, various data sources and legacy systems.

JReport minimizes the complexities normally associated with enterprise applications, such as multi-threading and data connectivity, because the J2EE environment provides standardized components to handle those services. In order to maximize the use of available hardware in a Java environment, JReport has the ability to balance all available resources, including CPUs, memory, storage space, bandwidth, etc. In addition, through JDBC and ODBC connections, all data sources are accessible for generating, viewing, and sharing Java reports via the Web. JReport is also uniquely capable of preserving – and automatically generating a Java report based on – the data structure inherent to hierarchical data sources like XML and EJBs (Enterprise Java Beans).

JReport can be seamlessly integrated with any application, empowering that application with Java reporting that is completely customizable to enable any level of reporting functionality.

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