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Report Miner Suite

Report Miner Suite
Report Miner Suite

The Report Miner Suite provides professional quality documentation of Crystal Report files which benefit both developers and end users of Crystal Reports. The Report Miner suite consists of 4 utilities which do not modify or alter your reports in any way. Report Miner supports Crystal Report files version 3.0 - 11.5.

  • Support for Crystal Reports version 3.0 - 11.5
  • Support for Word Templates with Extract
  • Batch processing support using a list of reports specified in a file
  • Support for tying reports to the "Report Owner" with Extract
  • Support for processing all reports in a given folder (recursively)
  • New Split screen view available in RptDiff
  • Improved Word document generation performance
  • Ability to run "Canned" reports off generated Access database
  • Additional configuration capabilities added for Extract
  • Improved User Interface
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