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ActiveEmail SMTP/POP3 Toolkit

SMTP and POP3 SDK for .NET, VB, CSharp, C#, VC++, VB.NET, Delphi, PHP, Java and other ActiveX aware platforms. Support for secure SMTP (,, secure POP3 (,, multiple recipients (To,CC,BCC), multiple attachments (ASCII and binary), RTF HTML formatting, Unicode, multiple character sets, SMTP authentication (AUTH PLAIN, AUTH LOGIN, AUTH CRAM-MD5), POP3 authentication (Plain Text, APOP3), POP3 header download, various encodings (7 bit, 8 bit, quoted-printable, base64).

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Data Visualization

Data Visualization
Data Visualization

Built from the ground up to take advantage of the latest versions of Silverlight, WPF and Visual Studio 2010, ComponentArt Data Visualization for .NET delivers the complete feature set for building next-generation digital dashboards and data analysis applications.

ComponentArt's 3D pixel shading technology integrated with the power of XAML produces brilliant image quality, while being able to render many thousands of elements per second. The result is highly responsive user interface, smooth animation, delivering applications that boost productivity and are a pleasure to use.

All of ComponentArt's charts, gauges, maps, grids and time navigators are built on top of this core rendering technology, producing a unified look and feel across the entire suite.

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