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ActiveXperts Twitter Toolkit

The ActiveXperts Twitter Toolkit enables any Windows or web application to integrate Twitter functionality. Your application will be able to send Tweets as well as view different time lines, find and follow users etc.

The ActiveXperts Twitter Toolkit supports the following:

  • Post your Tweets on Twitter using your own software
  • Easy browsing through your own Tweets or the Tweets on any other time line
  • More...

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Zip ActiveX Control

Zip ActiveX Control
Zip ActiveX Control

What if you were able to add well-documented, thoroughly-tested and feature-rich compression to your application in minutes rather than months or years? Imagine not having to write, debug, test and maintain tons of code for zip compression. What will you do with the hundreds of hours you save? Add new core features to your application to make it better? Spend less time working and more time doing the things your love?

Our Zip ActiveX control is a unique solution that was designed from the ground up for ease of use and rapid application development. Any functionality can be added in less than 30 minutes using our step-by-step quick start guide. In addition, our Zip ActiveX control is the only one to deliver the latest technologies for disk space savings of 15%-25% over traditional zip compression. And of course the control supports all the regular bells and whistles such as strong WinZip AES encryption, ZIP64 large file support, multipart, self-extract, Unicode filenames/comments and more.

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