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ActiveSocket Network Toolkit

ActiveSocket is a Network Communication component for Windows.

It features:
DNS - IP-to-Country - ICMP Ping - HTTP - HTTPs - FTP - MSN (Windows Live) - NTP - RADIUS - RSH (Remote Shell) - SCP - SFTP - SNMP v1/v2c (Get,GetNext,Set) - SNMP MIB - SNMP MIB browser - SNMP MIB Walker - SNMP Traps - SSH (Secure Shell) - TCP - Telnet - TFTP - Wake-On-LAN and more.

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ASP DataGridColumns assembly for MS VS.NET

ASP DataGridColumns assembly for MS VS.NET
ASP DataGridColumns assembly for MS VS.NET

RustemSoft provides the common controls you always wanted. Show date/time and numeric text boxes with simple and easy-to-manage properties. Provide end-users with easy-to-use Calculator interface. Create especial style buttons with mouse over and click effects. Make anything appear as IP Address, SS#, Phone numbers, etc.

These elements are chock full of functionality that you wont find in the Microsoft .NET controls, that make it easy to build professional and forcing user interfaces. RustemSoft.Controls .NET assembly from RustemSoft is a WinForms components software package specifically designed for .NET developers. The assembly allows you to use all strengths of the MS .NET IDE without waiving the user interface elements your customers need.

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