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.NET Licenser

.NET Licenser
.NET Licenser

A software license is a legal instrument managing the usage or redistribution of copyright protected software. Skater .NET Licenser is Software Authorization tool designed specifically to help secure .NET software programs and to provide license control and user validation services.

You can choose between two ways on how to implement your application licensing by using .NET Licenser. There are .NET Licenser interface that is incorporated in Skater .NET Obfuscator and .NET Licenser API assembly that is a stand-alone .NET library. By using Skater .NET Licenser interface you will be able to implement licensing without coding. However this way has some restrictions. .NET Licenser API assembly gives you ability to program the licensing features in your application source code. By using .NET Licenser API you will be able bound your licensed application with user's hardware and check user PC unique code trough authentication web-service. Also by using the web-service you may block your application at user's PC if a license has been refunded by user. Take a look at provided Licenser Sample projects to figure out how to code the licensing.

By using Skater .NET Licenser interface you do not need to insert additional instruction/code lines into your .NET application and do not have to make a reference to an external assembly dll to implement licensing features in your .NET executable. .NET Licenser will insert the licensing subroutines and settings into your compiled .NET application bytecode. Just open your exe file in .NET Licenser interface, make licensing settings, and run Licenser. All added licensing subroutines and settings will be well protected and obfuscated by using Skater .NET obfuscator techniques.

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