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ActiveAddress COM Component

ActiveAddress COM Component
ActiveAddress COM Component

ActiveAddress can process all types of addresses including Suite Numbers and City/State/Zip. A special Address_Quality flag is returned each time an address is processed allowing you to easily identify questionable addresses before they enter your system. Also returned is an Address_Type flag indicating the type of address being processed: Street, Military, PO Box, Rural Route, Highway Contract, General Delivery or Suite giving you flexibility in their handling. Plus, for a more appealing presentation, ActiveAddress can even set the proper capitalization.

As a bonus, when you combine ActiveAddress with our ActiveGender product, you can tackle even the impossible task of identifying data that has been entered free-form. The names, addresses and C/S/Z “float” from field to field or you are just not sure what's in the field. First, examine the Address_Quality flag returned from ActiveAddress. If set to High or Medium, it's almost certainly an address. If set to Low, submit the string to ActiveGender for name verification. Using these techniques you’ll always be certain of the data you're working with.

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