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ActiveSocket Network Toolkit

ActiveSocket is a Network Communication component for Windows.

It features:
DNS - IP-to-Country - ICMP Ping - HTTP - HTTPs - FTP - MSN (Windows Live) - NTP - RADIUS - RSH (Remote Shell) - SCP - SFTP - SNMP v1/v2c (Get,GetNext,Set) - SNMP MIB - SNMP MIB browser - SNMP MIB Walker - SNMP Traps - SSH (Secure Shell) - TCP - Telnet - TFTP - Wake-On-LAN and more.

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NetGender for .NET

NetGender for .NET
NetGender for .NET

NetGender for .NET accepts free-form names and then automatically splits them into standard components: Prefix, First, Middle, Last and Suffix no matter what the original format. Next, using a 100,000 Name Dictionary in combination with an 8,000 word proprietary Company Dictionary, the gender is determined with unmatched accuracy. For special cases, such as an all-girl school, you can easily override the built-in system dictionaries.

NetGender can process all styles of names including inverse, natural order, hyphenated and multi-part last names. Multiple names in the same field and companies can be easily separated providing you with powerful formatting control.

As a bonus, when you combine NetGender with our NetAddress product, you can even tackle the impossible task of identifying data that has been entered free-form. The names, addresses and C/S/Z either “float” from field to field or you are just not sure what's in the field. First, examine the Address_Quality flag returned from NetAddress. If set to High or Medium, it's almost certainly an address. If set to Low, submit the string to NetGender for name verification. Using these techniques you’ll always be certain of the data you're working with.

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