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Aspose.Report for .NET

Aspose.Report for .NET
Aspose.Report for .NET

Aspose.Report for .NET includes three sub-components AdHoc.Web, AdHoc.WinForms and Chart. Aspose.Report for .NET can be used for a variety of tasks, ranging from the creation of ad-hoc reports to quick and easy search screen production and a variety of great looking charts.

Using Aspose.Report for .NET, developers can quickly and easily add ad-hoc reporting capabilities to their .NET Web and WinForms applications. As well as this they can create great looking charts with the built in chart types. Users can also add some flare to their reports by using stylish effects including 3D rendering, transparency, gradients and anti-aliasing.

Developers can simply drag and drop the Aspose.Report for .NET component on to their Web or Win form, assign a DataTable object for Web forms or assign a DataSet object for WinForms as data source and abstract a variety of outputs including SQL Statements, Filtered Data Objects and many more. Since the Aspose.Report for .NET component uses a DataTable for Web and a DataSet for WinForms as its data source, developers can use virtually any database at the applications back-end and Aspose.Report for .NET can still be used.

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