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PDFBlackbox .NET

PDFBlackbox .NET
PDFBlackbox .NET

With PDFBlackbox you can complete your PDF generation and processing applications with outstanding security features, such as password-based and certificate-based encryption, certificate-based signing, timestamping and compression of your PDF documents.

We believe that everybody must do the job he does the best. This is why we leave PDF generation and printing to others and focus on PDF security. You can use whatever PDF library you like for building the document and then use PDFBlackbox for cryptographic operations.

PDFBlackbox supports on-demand data loading and parsing, so processing of large documents does not require large amount of resources.

PDFBlackbox handles documents compliant to PDF versions 1.3 and later.

PDFBlackbox includes own PDF processor and does not use third-party libraries for cryptography operations or for loading or saving PDF documents. To perform cryptographic functions and for PKI operations PDFBlackbox uses PKIBlackbox, base functions of which are included with PDFBlackbox package.

PDFBlackbox is offered as an individual package and as a part of Professional and Data Security packages.

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