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ActiveComport Serial Port Toolkit

Serial Communication component to add serial communications to your Windows software. Communicate with a modem, scanner or any other serial device. Features full port control, binary/ASCII transfer, RS-232/RS-485, TAPI and ISDN. Use it in your ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET, CShare C# .NET, Visual Basic, C++, Java, Delphi, PHP, HTML and more. Runs on any Windows x86/x64 platform, including Windows 2008, 2003, 2000, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

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Experience the freedom to create the diagrams that you need the moment you need them. The enormous variety of predefined shapes and customisation options guarantee that you shall be able to draw your flowcharts in the most precise manner.

You can choose between several output and export options - PDF, Microsoft Visio, SVG, DXF and XML are all supported. No need to worry about layout either - FlowChart.NET provides different layout algorithms that can dramatically change the diagram appearance in seconds.

You can download a copy of the trial version of FlowChart.NET fron the link below. The runtime *.dll-s of the component are included in the download and you can integrate it in your own projects.

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