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ActiveEmail SMTP/POP3 Toolkit

SMTP and POP3 SDK for .NET, VB, CSharp, C#, VC++, VB.NET, Delphi, PHP, Java and other ActiveX aware platforms. Support for secure SMTP (,, secure POP3 (,, multiple recipients (To,CC,BCC), multiple attachments (ASCII and binary), RTF HTML formatting, Unicode, multiple character sets, SMTP authentication (AUTH PLAIN, AUTH LOGIN, AUTH CRAM-MD5), POP3 authentication (Plain Text, APOP3), POP3 header download, various encodings (7 bit, 8 bit, quoted-printable, base64).

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GdTwain Pro SDK

GdTwain Pro SDK
GdTwain Pro SDK

GdTwain Pro SDK is a powerful, easy-to-use ActiveX component that controls TWAIN devices such as scanners, digital cameras and capture cards. It also provides a fully featured Image Viewer control. Using GdTwain Pro SDK, you can control the complete image acquisition process, scan images from an automatic document feeder, clean up images and enhance images by applying filters such as auto border removal, despeckle, automatic deskew and more. You can save images to disk or upload them to an FTP server. GdTwain Pro SDK can be used in any development environment that supports ActiveX/COM controls.

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